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The transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien. A typical conveyancing transaction has two major phases: the exchange of contracts and completion.

Corporate & Commercial

Corporate law is a legal field that governs the formation of companies, shareholder rights, mergers, and acquisitions, while business law or commercial law deals with the sale and distribution of goods.


Litigation is the formal act of resolving a legal dispute in court by enforcing or defending an entity’s legal rights. Litigation attorneys are lawyers who represent their clients in court.

Carol Coetzee & Associates is a Proudly South African Level 2 BBB-EE Law firm with deeply entrenched core values, which are evident in our professionalism and client-centric focus.

We have been appointed by a number of Developers as their sole property lawyers and conveyancers.

The developer(s) and ourselves believe that it is in the best interest of the clients if we attend to the relevant registration of both the transfers and all related bonds, in order to limit unnecessary delays and to ensure the best possible service to the high-profile purchasers.

Carol Coetzee attorneys, conveyancers, notaries

About Us

Carol Coetzee and Associates Incorporated established itself following requests from prospective clients, financial services and property-focused clients. The established law firm renders a specialised service of the highest quality in Property Law and Commercial Law to selected blue-chip clients. Carol Coetzee and Associates strives to promote empowerment and equality.

Carol Coetzee and Associates Incorporated is available on short notice. We dedicate quality time and provide considered quality advice to our clients and their business development.


Experience You Can Trust

We are supported by all our clients as conveyancing and property attorneys due to our expertise in the property market and our intricate infrastructure which supports our blue-chip service. We believe that it will be in your companies’ best interest to utilise our services as we go the extra mile to maintain a valued business relationship with all existing clientele and maintain that this venture will grow from strength to strength.

Blue Chip Service

High Profile Clientelle

Complete Certainty


Our Firm Will Fight for You

Carol Coetzee & Associates aim to provide expert legal representation and guidance in various litigation areas. With a strong understanding of South Africa’s legal landscape, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of corporate litigation matters.

Carol Coetzee attorneys, conveyancers, notaries

Client Reviews

Brilliant experience with these Attorneys- they have a thorough understanding of property transactions and were excellent at keeping us updated though out the process. Highly recommend
I am giving them a 10/5 – I need more points to allocate Google! Amazing company, amazing people! Personalized service that one just does not expect from lawyers. I imagine that they do many transfers every day, so it must just be a machine. What you get though, is a personalized service with regular timely updates. Amazing! You guys Rock! 10/10 absolutely recommend!
“Just a quick note to once again say thank you for the quick, efficient way in which the transfer of our property was done, always good having you on our side.”

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